We have the commitment, the authority, the responsibility and the accountability to correct unsafe actions and conditions.


Production, Quality and Safety do not have to butt heads when we focus on a common goal, “our trust in a shared future”.

Safety: as with any modern company, we believe safety to be of paramount importance.  Your managements demonstrated commitment to safety not only allows you to bid on jobs and decrease your premiums, but it also gives employees the basic human need of feeling important and cared for.  Fort Mac Safety’s goal is to ensure this message is conveyed to your workforce and create a culture where safety is top of mind.



Quality:  “what does quality have to do with safety?”  Our qualifying of advisors provides professionals who know the difference between being a safety cop and being a trainer/advisor/coach.  Our goal is to understand and relate to workers, to provide meaningful feedback.  Through our quality assurance program we expect happy focused workers and therefore less rework for your firm.

Productivity: “no one moves, no one gets hurt” we go beyond just selling safety as a cost savings.  We ensure that your workforce is also productive.  There is a balance between right and wrong, there is practicality and it certainly includes the best practiced methods.  We seek creative solutions to common problems so we can keep the job rolling and still guarantee compliancy to code and regulations.