Fort Mac Safety are HSE experts in the oil and gas, mining, hydroelectricity and construction industries. We offer you practical consultation tailored to meet your company’s individual health, safety and environmental requirements, and reflect the requirements of current OH & S legislation.

Group of workers at manufacturing plantWe specialize in staffing solutions for your companies safety needs. We can provide fully qualified HSE’s with industry experience.

For companies of any size, we provide the Health, Safety and Environmental consultancy support, training and advice you need. No job is too big, or too small.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment – identifying sources of non-compliance and potential hazards, and suggesting control strategies.
  • Training – providing comprehensive and confidential services and training to clients based on assessed needs.
  • Innovation – working with clients to develop site-specific, continuous improvement to the safety processes.
  • Motivation – identifying and designing support systems for successful safety process implementation and maintenance.
  • Audits – providing follow-up services to assure continued improvement in the safety process.
  • Claims management – effectively lowering WCB costs and decreasing downtime for injured workers and companies.

Why bring in Fort Mac Safety?

  1. You’ll sleep better at night. We take care of two of the biggest stresses of any manager in our industry: ensuring you are compliant, and ensuring you have the safety people you need when you need them.
  2. You’ll make more money. Safety shut-downs, accidents, and high turn-over are only the tip of the iceberg once you factor in WCB rates and loss of potential future contracts. We help keep profits up where they belong.
  3. The sanity of real experience. Full-throttle production and a safe workplace are not a contradiction for us. Our safety leadership drives production, quality and profit.

Health, safety and environmental sustainability: realistic and cost-effective.



Dean Hayes, President

Starting from an IT background as computer programmer analyst, Dean Hayes entered into construction becoming a pipefitter/steamfitter. Transitioning between many construction roles such as surveyor, equipment coordinator, QA/QC, field engineer and costing engineer, he finally found his element in helping others through safety.

“Safety is a rewarding job; we are bringing both sides of the fence (management/workers) together for trust in a shared future; one that promotes a cost effective safety program and safety culture. With a great safety record, companies can better bid on jobs. With employees having positive attitudes towards their workplace, productivity and quality are a natural fit.” Contact Dean.


Scott Pridmore

Scott Pridmore, Vice-President

Scott has over 30 years’ experience in construction and has held various different supervision positions in many aspects of industrial construction.  He made his way up to the Fort McMurray oil and gas industry in 2002 and as a son of a Vancouver firefighter he showed a strong interest in the field of industrial safety and have been a safety coordinator since 2005.

Scott has worked as an HSE advisor at most of the major oil and gas plants, upgraders and refineries in Alberta, has experience in the mining industry in British Columbia, Labrador and Quebec and hydroelectricity experience in both Manitoba and Ontario.  He considers himself to be a “boots to the ground” safety advisor with strong industry experience and quality people skills.

I have a passion for safety and believe that we all have the ability and desire to work safely so we can go home at the end of our shift, in good health, to spend quality time with our loved ones.”   Contact Scott.